2. Aglianico

Aglianico is a red grape variety that prefers mostly sunny climates. Is a vine native to Greece and ancient, probably introduced in Italy around the 7th-6th century BC.
As evidence of its long history we have the remains of a Roman wine press found in the zone of Acerenza, province of Potenza. There are no certainties about the origins of the name, which could be traced back to the ancient town of Elea (hence Eleanico), on the Tyrrhenian coast of Campania, or even just a corruption of the Greek word. Historical literature on the presence of this variety are found in Horace, who sang the qualities of this excellent wine. The original name (Greek Elleanico or) became Aglianico during the aragonese domination during the 15th century.

First year of prudoction: 2003
Alcohol content: 13% Vol.
Grapes: Aglianico 100%
Town of origin: Torre le Nocelle (AV)
Altitude: 500 m slm
Soil: strong, cloy
Training system: Guyot
Density Planting: 4000 strains/ha
Yield: 40000 kg/ha

Harvest period: after first November decade
Method of collection: a mano tradizionale
Vinification: maceration and fermentation at controlled temperature
Fermentation temperature: 22°-25°C controlled temperature
Fermentation lenght: 21-25 day
Bottling period: July
Total acidity: 5 g/L
pH: 3,60
Aeging potential: yes
Drinkability: first 5 years